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Olkhon Trail/Olkhon Ultra Trail is a yearly trairunning event on Olkhon island, lake Baikal.
The event supported by Pribaikalsky Natural Park. We founded in summer 2016. First race held 2 distances: 25 and 50 k.
This year the race take place 25th September 2021. The course is showing most beautiful sights of the northern part of the island.

Organizers: Olkhon Trailrunning Club
race director: Rene Khamitov(+79500974805)
Pribaikalsky Natural Park.

Olkhon Trail/ Olkhon Ultra Trail, both courses are certified by International Trailrunning Association(ITRA) - 60 k - 278431-66021 . 35 k - 8431-66033.

60 k : ITRA 3, mountain - 4, finisher - 400.
35 k: ITRA 2, mountain - 4, finisher - 410.

Place and date:
Khuzhir village, Irkutsk region, Olkhon island, lake Baikal, Pribaikalsky Natural Park, Russia. 25th September 2021

Races: Olkhon Ultra Trail 60 k, 1690 m elevation gain.
Olkhon Trail 35 k,1000 m elevation gain.

The terms of participation:

  • Medecal document with doctor stamp. Health document.
  • Participants age: from 20 yers old.
  • Receipt of responsibility(when collecting the start bib)
  • Race experience. Trail, Ultra Trails.
  • All participants must agree with all terms of the event.
  • ID, passport

has 2 stage:

1. Filling th application form at OLKHONTRAIL.COM/OT2021/REGISTER
Fill the form correctly, check all information. In case of troubles don't hesitate to text us by Whatsapp :+79500974805.
After successful sending, please wait an answer via email. We explane how to pay and other information.

We will send you a link to pay the race fee.
You can pay via card, or paypal.

2 options:

  • In terms of injury or other cases we can refund your race payment, but minus bank transfer fee or you can move your participation to the next year. Refund possible not later that 25th august 2021.
  • 30% untill 1st of September 2021.

Participation is limited by maximum amount of athletes for both races: 100-120 people.

Race fee:
Olkhon Ultra Trail 60 k - 70 usd
Olkhon Trail 35 k - 60 usd

Race fee included:

  • start number, printed course of the race
  • Drink stations service(4 stations - 60 k, 2 stations - 35 k)
  • Course marking
  • Finisher medal
  • Drinks at the finish line
  • Hot meal at the finish
  • 2 hourse of sauna
  • National park permission
  • Van transfer to the start(35 k of drive)
  • Staff work, Doctor, Photographers
  • Transportation support
  • ITRA points

Event program:
24.09.2021(friday): – participants arriving day
24.09.2021(friday): - 15.00 - 20.00 Participant registration, checking mandatory gear, picking start numbers at Nikita's Homestead, Khuzhir, Kirpichnaya str.8
20:00 – race briefing at Culture House of Khuzhir.

06.30 - meeting for 60 k athletes and van transfer service to the start place at Usury. drive time - 1 hour. Meeting point at Nikita's Homestead.
07.30 – warm up, drop bags collecting to the finish
08:00 – Start time for Olkhon Ultra Trail 60 k (Usury bay).
08:30 - Meeting and van transfer for 35 k athletes to the start place Usury. Drive time : 1 hour. Meeting at Nikita's Homestead.
10.30 - Start time for Olkhon Trail 35 k. Usury bay
12:30 - appr. winner finish time
13:00 – 16.00 – picking up your drop bags, collecting finisher medal
13:00 - 16:00 - hot meal working hours
15:00 – 17.00 – sauna time at the shore of Baikal.
19.00 - Award ceremony at Culture House of Khuzhir

26.09.2021(sunday) - departure time.

Courses and rules:

OLKHON ULTRA TRAIL 60 k, 1690м elevation gain. Olkhon Trail 35 k, 1000м elevation gain.
Both courses are fine to run on. Mostly ground and grass, some rocky parts. Trails and soft roads, sand, lots of sand!
Run by marked course, help each other and follow the official GPX track.

  • do not throw a trash, any garbage, any plastiv on the course. Penalty is 15 min, will be added to the finish time.
  • Dont leave any of your gear at drink stations.
  • Fix your start bib on front visible side.
  • Tell your start bib to the stuff at drink stations
  • Follow the marked course. Don't cut the course. Penalty is 15 min for 1 k.
  • Use your trail cup, soft flask at drink stations.
  • No pacer on the course. Penalty is 15 min.
  • Forbidden to receive any food from the supporters.
  • Inform our stuff about bad feeling.
  • Must have a GPX track on your divices.
Mandatory gear:
  • drink system, soft flask,trail cup
  • Windproof, waterproof jacket, buuf, gloves, long tights
  • mobile phone with full battary, GPX track
  • aid coplect.
  • your energy food.

Picking up your start number:
Possible from 24th september,time: 15.00 till 21.00 at Nikita's Homestead, Khuzhir village, Kirpichnaya str.8. Bring us your id, medical document, mandatory gear.

Drink stations, control points:
  • CP1 - cape Khoboy(13 k) for 60 k race
  • CP2 - Boldakovka place(25 k),for 60 k race
  • CP3 - Peschanka(36 k) for 60 k race, same for 35 k race CP1(12 k).
  • CP4 - field(48 k), for 60 k race same CP2 for 35 k race(25 k).
You can leave your carbage, plastic stuff. At CP we have pump bottles with isotonic, water, chicken soup at CP3, fruits, watermelons, cakes, snacks, salt.

Winners(first 3 women and men category) receive medals, gifts from sponsors and glory))

Cut off time: 60 k - 9 hours, 35 k - 5 hours

Mobile company coverage:
At the nothern part only TELE2 operator. Close to finish work all operators. MTC, Beeline.

Conact us:
race director Rene Khamitov, Olkhon Trailrunning,
phone +79500974805(tele2),,

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